Created with University Settlement at EFCRS during a tumultuous time with police brutality happening at a staggering rate.

Black Lives Matter

Like a Girl

Girl Power shown at Camp Wayne for Girls in PA!

Stress is a Mess but Leads to Success

These students from Orange County CA at a school for alternative education share the challenges of adolescence.

We Need Attention We Need Love

The majority of these participants live in single parent homes.  Here is their rap about their challenges.  Queens United Middle School with The Child Center of NY SONYC program.

Broken Home Facts

The community service portion of the (DYCD) “Step It Up” competition for QUM. The theme was Broken/Single Parent Homes. City wide semi-finals including seven video submissions

Failure is Necessary

The Dancers at of Rok Nation from Beach 41st made it to the 2017 DYCD finals at the Apollo Theatre. But not without losing come competitions along the way. Next year they will try to win it all!

Hard Work Over Talent

The Dancers of Rok Nation are not only talented, they rehearse like crazy! They’ve worked tirelessly to perfect their craft. The beautiful combination of talent and hard work.